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How Do I Register for the NDIS?

How Do I Register for the NDIS?

Starting your NDIS journey can be the beginning of a new chapter in life. By gaining access to the service providers you need most, and organising supports to effectively reach your goals, setting up your NDIS plan to suit you is an important step.

As a newcomer, or as someone hoping to register on behalf of someone else, you may be wondering how do I register for the NDIS? What’s my first step?

Below is your complete guide to applying for the NDIS.

Find out if you’re eligible

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS isn’t available for everyone. To find out if you are eligible, go through the five key questions below. These determine your potential eligibility for the NDIS registration. As you go through these questions below – keep in mind that your circumstances may be different or exceptional so make sure to follow up with an NDIS agent or get in touch with the team here at Onboard Supports to double-check.

1. Are you between 7 and 65 years old?
If yes, that’s good news you can go to question 2. If you have a child under 7, then visit this page. Over 65’s are unable to receive NDIS funding but can get access to a variety of other services such as aged care.

2. Are you an Australian citizen living here or have permanent residency?
Yes? Then move on to the next question. NDIS funding is only available to:
Australian citizens and permanent visa holders living in Australia
Protected and special category visa holders

3. Do you require support from a person due to a significant and permanent disability?
Yes? Then you might be eligible. If not, move to the next question.

4. Do you use support equipment to help you with a permanent and significant disability?
Yes? Then you might be eligible. If not, go to the next question.

5. Do you require supports now to assist your future needs?
If yes – you may be eligible. If not, you may want to look at other ways to get support.

I’m eligible. How do I register for the NDIS?

Once you’ve established your eligibility, your next step is to apply. To apply you will need to submit an Access Request. Remember this can be done on your behalf – by someone you trust and who is authorised to speak for you.

There are three different ways to get the ball rolling:

1. Call in directly

Simply call 1800 800 110 and ask to make an Access Request. An NDIA representative will guide you through the steps you need to take to complete the process.

2. Submit your Access Request form via email

Another way is to fill out the form and email it to NAT@ndis.gov.au. The application form can be downloaded here and easily filled out on your laptop or computer.

3. Contact your local area coordinator or local NDIA office

If you have any questions about the form itself – or how to fill it out, contact your local area coordinator (LAC) or NDIA office closest to you. Here is an online tool that will help you find out which Office contacts are in your local area.

What does NDIS cover?

NDIS Cover

The NDIS was developed to provide important funding support for people living with disabilities. As a participant or future participant, it’s good to know what can (and can’t) be included in your plan. Ultimately, everyone’s experience with the NDIS is different, but overall you can expect the following three areas to be included in your NDIS plan:

  • Core supports – this includes funding for the basic everyday items or services you need for example mobility enhancing equipment, or continence aids. This also covers regular services carried out by NDIS providers, such as cleaning, maintenance, and assistance for community participation such as transport.
  • Capacity-building supports – this includes services or items that assist you in achieving your personal goals – whether that’s in education, or finding a job. Capacity building supports also cover key aspects like health, advice, and mental health assistance as well as your living arrangements.
  • Capital supports – this covers equipment or additional sports you need around your home or workplace that help you in carrying out your daily tasks for example hand-rails in the bathroom or a ramp into your house.

Things your NDIS plan won’t cover

Your NDIS plan won’t cover everything. Basic costs of living, including rent, bills, food entertainment, and other smaller items like schoolbooks, stationery, etc are not part of your NDIS funding. Health-related costs that are covered by Medicare are also excluded from your NDIS plan. While some health and well-being costs may be covered, gym memberships and therapy are not. All physical NDIS supports in your home must also be directly related to your disability to be able to claim.

I have special circumstances - who can I talk to?

If you have any questions about what your plan may include or not include, make sure to reach out to your NDIS contact, or reach out to Onboard Supports. We can give you all the details on what is included and give you advice on how to make the most of the funding you receive.

Can your NDIS funding be reassessed based on your needs?

As an NDIS participant, you can request a review of your plan to change how funding is allocated depending on your specific needs. Naturally, many of our needs change over time, so reviewing your plan every now and then is a perfectly normal thing to do. With the NDIS plan management services at Onboard Supports, we can help you with the review process and make sure you’re getting the most out of your plan, no matter the circumstances.

Make the most of your plan with Onboard Supports

Once you’ve got your NDIS funding, there are easy ways to keep track of invoices, reporting, and support providers. It’s with us: Onboard Supports. At no extra cost to you, a plan manager NDIS Perth can assist you in reaching your goals, without the hassle of managing invoices and budgets. Give our friendly team a call and organise an appointment today.