NDIS Plan Management

Managing your NDIS plan means taking care of the financials and administration associated with your plan. This involves paying invoices, managing the budget, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Our NDIS Plan Management services are designed to alleviate your workload so you can focus on the other important aspects of your life.

When it comes to managing your NDIS plan you’ve three options to choose from:

You can even choose a combination of these options. For example, you could opt to partially self-manage your plan, and leave the rest to an NDIS plan management agency or the NDIA.
NDIS plan management
Here’s a more detailed overview of your options

NDIA Management

NDIA managed, sometimes known as Agency managed, means that the National Disability Insurance Agency will pay providers on your behalf. NDIA Managed will mean you can only pay registered NDIS providers, and you have less control over budgets and where you spend your money. 


If you don’t want to pay providers directly, and don’t mind choosing from an NDIA approved list, this may work for you.

Self Management

Managing your own NDIS plan means you’re in charge of everything from opening a new bank account to paying providers, keeping track of invoices and budgets, and claiming from the NDIS portal. 


Self-managed plans can be time-consuming. But if you like complete control over all aspects of your plan, and don’t mind dealing with paperwork, this could be for you. 

NDIS Plan Management

It’s also possible to get a professional plan manager to help with the nitty-gritty. NDIS Plan management providers offer helpful services to NDIS participants who benefit from spending less time sifting through paperwork and more freedom in choosing their providers. 

Here’s how NDIS plan management services like Onboard Supports can help:

Why Manage Your Plan With Onboard?

Choosing to go with a plan management provider like Onboard Supports can take the stress out of managing your NDIS plan. It allows you the time and space to make the most of your plan without getting bogged down in the paperwork and organisation of your NDIS budget. 


At Onboard, our NDIS plan management service makes sure:

Get The Most Out Of The Services That Help You

Navigating the NDIS can be quite an overwhelming process and leave you feeling more confused than when you started. Our goal is to take that weight off your shoulders so you don’t have to worry about paying invoices and managing your funds each month. If you’re yet to start your journey with the NDIS, you can also view our resource on “How do I register for the NDIS?” for a comprehensive guide to walk you through the process. 

If you want more control over the service providers you use, our NDIS plan management specialists at Onboard can help you maximise the services that help you most. We’re always only one call away, and we take pride in offering personalised and one-on-one service to our community. 


Jump Onboard and give our friendly team a call today, we’re ready to help you make the most of your plan.

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