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If you’re considering having your plan managed by a third party, it’s helpful to understand the NDIS pricing guide. Knowing how the NDIS price guide works will give you a better idea about how we as plan managers can help you make the most of your services and supports. 


It’s important to note from the onset that there are no out of pocket expenses with your plan management.

NDIS fund management

What Is The Plan Management NDIS Price Guide?

Put simply, the National Disability Insurance Scheme price guide 2020-2021 sets out the price limits and controls that ensure NDIS participants receive affordable NDIS fund management support. It also outlines how NDIS plan managers like us here at Onboard structure our prices. Check out more information on the official NDIS pricing guide, which is updated every year.

Who Is Affected By This Price Guide?

NDIS participants, plan managers, and ndis plan management services are affected by the pricing guide. The National Disability Insurance Agency has made sure that both plan managers and participants benefit from flexibility within a price-controlled environment. No matter whether you have chosen self-management or plan management, the price guide sets out maximum costs to you and your NDIS registered support providers.

What this Price Guide Means for You

The NDIS Fund Management price guide sets out key parameters within which plan managers and participants can operate. Here’s what that means:

What Price Limits Apply?

Two main support items are subject to price limits:

      1. One-off set-up costs of your plan management arrangements
      2. Monthly fee for these services (this is built into your scheme)

The price limits vary depending on where you live, so it’s best to check in with your plan management provider about what you’ll end up paying. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have around NDIS plan management fees. 

How Will I Benefit from NDIS Fund Management?

Here at Onboard Supports, we provide NDIS participants across Australia with highly personalised and intimate plan management support. As a trusted and reliable NDIS Plan Manager, we promptly pay your service providers, manage your NDIS funds and claim through the NDIS portal on your behalf. We also make sure you get access to a wider range of NDIS supports.


The great news for you is that with your funds there will be no out of pocket expenses by enlisting in the help of a plan manager.

What does that look like in practice?

Compared to a self-managed plan, you’ll have access to both NDIS registered providers and non NDIS registered providers. That means anyone who’s currently assisting you and has an ABN can be included in your plan.


With Onboard Supports backing you up, you also benefit from:

  • Direct phone line to your manager – you’ll know them by name.
  • Fast and effective reporting – never miss a payment with our highly qualified accountants.
  • 24/7 access to your funds and plan with our online dashboard.

Join Onboard Supports Today

Onboard is here to put you on the track to success. With our friendly and local team waiting to assist you with your NDIS fund management, we’re always just one phone call away. With no out of pocket costs for you, getting the help that you need with your funds is easier than you think.


If you have any more questions about NDIS plan management fees or how you can make the most out of your NDIS Plan, give Chris a call on 0405 139 143.

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