Behaviour Support Plan In Disability Care

What Is A Behaviour Support Plan In Disability Care?

What Is A Behaviour Support Plan In Disability Care?

A Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) is implemented when a person exhibits behaviours that go beyond the capabilities of being managed by a carer. It has the primary goal of increasing a person’s quality of life, and a secondary goal of reducing the frequency and severity of them exhibiting challenging behaviours.

What is a Behaviour Support Plan in the context of disability?

For some people with disability, they may demonstrate behaviour which challenges both themselves and the people surrounding them.

When a person with disability shows challenging behaviours, it is usually an indication that their quality of life and surrounding environment is not meeting their current needs, and they need adjustments and additional support in order to improve this.

A Behaviour Support Plan is developed by an expert and/or senior practitioner who are deemed suitable by a NDIS commissioner. These practitioners undertake a Functional Behaviour Assessment to identify in more detail the origins of a person’s challenging behaviours.

What is a functional behavioural assessment?

functional behavioural assessment
A Functional Behavioural Assessment is an evidence based approach which works to identify where challenging behaviours of an individual stem from. It uses the following steps to identify challenging behaviour:
  • The observable behaviour – what does this behaviour look like?
  • The underlying cause – why is an individual showing this behaviour, what do they wish to achieve from it?
  • The setting – where does this behaviour generally occur? Are there any environmental triggers?

What are the benefits of a Behaviour Support Plan?

Once a Functional Behaviour Assessment has been conducted by a NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner and a person with disability has been determined eligible for a Behaviour Support Plan, the plan will be custom designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. A BSP is developed in consultation with the individual, their carers and families, to ensure that the plan addresses the needs of the person with disability.

Goals of a Behaviour Support Plan

A BSP is centred on creating individualised strategies for people with disability, which reduces the need to turn to restrictive practices. It aims to maintain human rights, dignity and improve quality of life for the person who requires specialist behaviour support.

On an individual level a Behaviour Support Plan will:

  • Identify triggers of challenging behaviour
  • Formulate positive strategies to address this behaviour
  • Set targets, benchmarks and evaluation strategies
  • Constantly monitor progress
  • Assess outcomes

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is multifaceted and ever evolving. It has been designed to serve as an individualised approach to support Australians with disability, by providing them with valuable funding. This funding is allocated to use for disability support services nationwide.

Registering for the NDIS

Many people ask the question of how to register for the NDIS. Before registering for the NDIS, you must check that you meet the eligibility requirements. Once determined, you must make a formal Access Request on the NDIS website. To learn more about the different methods of applying for the NDIS, have a read of our previous blog.

How can a NDIS Plan Management service help?

NDIS plan management service

Anyone who receives NDIS funding has a NDIS plan, which details how this funding is best used to reach the individual needs of the person and provide the necessary supports.

In order for a person to get the most out of their NDIS funding and to reach the goals outlined on the NDIS plan, it is beneficial to engage with a NDIS Plan Manager to help inform you of your options and optimise your plan.

A NDIS plan manager helps to handle the financial side of NDIS funding, sourcing support services that sit within the person’s funding budget and ensuring that engaged support services are being paid on time.

Why Onboard Supports?

If you or someone you know is requiring the assistance of a NDIS Plan Manager in Perth, or an NDIS Plan Manager in Adelaide, Onboard Supports should be your first point of call.

We also have Plan Managers located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Onboard Supports was formed with the primary goal of helping people navigate the NDIS system, understand their plans and help them best use their funding. We address a person’s needs on an individual level and understand the diverse nature of our clients.

Our Plan Managers are highly qualified and are dedicated to helping individuals meet the desirable outcomes and goals outlined in their NDIS plans. We take the stress out of managing the financial side, and keep the person in the loop throughout the process.

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